Box-type Transformer Substatio

Scenic Type Cubicle Transformer Substation

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
Scenic Type Cubicle Transformer Substation

  As a prefabricated transformer substation mainly consisting of “underground portion” of underground transformer and pre-fabricated silo cubicle, and ?above-ground portion? of outdoor high/low-voltage switch cabinet and scenic enclosure, it occupies land area less than 6m2. In which, outdoor high/low-voltage switch cabinet consists of components such as high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear (6-8 routes of low-voltage outgoing line), electric energy metering device and reactive compensation device. Scenic type of enclosure adopts cubicle-type enclosure of high/low-voltage switch cabinet, and is realized through multiple scenic advertising lamp-boxes and artistic shapes harmonized with surrounding environment. Scenic enclosure has two layers of anti-theft door, in which anti-theft alarm is installed. Advertisement posters in scenic enclosure can be replaced conveniently, is configured with long-life LED light emitting screen for commercial advertisement.

  Underground transformer and prefabricated silo cubicle adopt full-seal design, transformer features water-immersion operation (degree of protection is up to IP68) without shutdown of power, cubicle also features automatic water drainage system, automatic ventilation head radiation system and temperature monitor system, and can meet usage requirements under different environments.

  Scenic embedded cubicle transformer substation products have realized seriation, and underground transformer capacity covers 30-2500KVA.

Environmental Conditions for Product Use

Note:Where the actual usage environment condition exceeds the above conditions, special design can be performed as per customer's requirements.
  Scenic embedded cubicle transformer substation researched and developed by Tiantong Electric realizes explosion proof and complete water immersion operation through special design and manufacture technique, its degree of protection is up to IP68 (i.e. complete water proof). Furthermore, due to small land occupation area, its requirements on installation environment are low, construction is simple and convenient, and it is permissible to access load center for installation under multiple occasions, power supply is scattered, therefore, investment for low-voltage cable has been substantially reduced and long-term circuit loss has been reduced, saving power cost. Therefore, it has peerless advantages in numerous aspects such as municipal construction of old city reconstruction, commercial road section reconstruction and road lamp project, real estate development, factory and commercial building, and is also a new type of power distribution product responsive to creation of harmonized, saving and creative society of China.
  Economic Benefit

  From the point of view of economic benefit analysis, scenic embedded cubicle

  transformer substation mainly features three advantages:

  1、Small land area, no need to build power house;

  2、Reduction of investment of low-voltage cable and line loss

  3、Integration of multiple functions, and high operation economy: