Box-type Transformer Substatio

American Type of Cubicle Transformer Substation Series

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  As a new type of power distribution equipment, American type of cubicle transformer substation is to place high-voltage load-breaking switch and high-voltage fuse in transformer oil for insulation and cooling. As an important power supply unit in cabling power distribution network, and a complete pre-assembled product integrating high-voltage control, protection and transformation and power distribution equipment, the product especially applies to load center of urban power grid, reduction of loss and enhancement of power supply quality. The series of products have been widely used in power distribution locations such as residential district, public location and industrial and mining enterprises nationwide.

Environmental Conditions for Product Use

  - Ambient temperature: maximum air temperature +40℃ and minimum air temperature -30℃;

  - Altitude: ≤1000m

  - Wind speed: equivalent to 34m/s (no more than 700Pa);

  - Relative humidity: daily average relative humidity should be no more than 95%;      Monthly average relative humidity should be no more than 95%;

  - Antiseismic level: horizontal acceleration no more than 0.4m/s2 and vertical acceleration no more than 0.15m/s2

  - installation location inclination: no more than 3°

  - Installation environment: ambient air should be free from prominent pollutions such as corrosive/combustible gas, and installation location should be free from violent shock;
  - Compact structure and small volume, only account for approximately 1/3-1/5 of homemade European type of cubicle transformer substation of the same capacity, and substantially reduce land occupation area;

  - Full-insulation and full-sealing structure, no insulation distance required, reliable assurance of physical safety.

  - High-voltage adopts load-breaking switch fuse composite electric apparatus protection.

  - High-voltage wiring can be used for both ring main and terminal, flexible power supply mode and high reliability;

  - Excellent transformer performance: low loss, low noise and low temperature rise; high overload capacity, short-circuit resistance and high shock resistance;

  - Comply with various requirements on low-voltage feeding, selectable as per program, or can be designed independently;

  - Cable head falls into two categories of 200A elbow cable connector and 600A European type of front connector, elbow cable connector applies to cable section area of 35-120mm2, European type of front connector applies to cable section area of 35-500mm2, cable head material is divided into copper core and aluminum core, both can be configured with full-insulation zinc oxide arrester, 200A elbow cable connector features under-load inserting and
Product Installation



  1.Pave step with tile and lay    6×150 bar mat reinforcement on surface, two-way arrangement;

  2.Climbing structural component C1, all angle steel ∠50×4

  3.During civil work construction, foundation excavation should reach design depth and original soil layer, over-break portion can be filled with 8:2 graded sand;

  4.After foundation ditch excavation, it is necessary to complete electric grounding grid, then complete backfill or bedding;

  5.Determine number and direction of embedded cable conduits as per actual situations;

  6.Embedded channel steel should be exposed by 10mm (see figure), so that cubicle transformer substation base is welded with it;

  7.The figure is only for reference, it is allowed to adjust as per local conditions or make reference to relevant national norms.