Vaccum Impregnated Dry-Type Power Transformer

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
Implementation Standards
  -  IEC60076-11, 2004 “Power  Transformers, Dry-Type Power Transformers”
  -  GB6450-1986, “Dry-Type Power  Transformers”
  -  GB/T10228-2008, “Technical Parameters and Technical Requirements for Dry-Type Power Transformers”
  -  GB/T17211-1998, “Loading Guide for Dry-Type Power Transformers”
  -  GB1094.3-2003, “Part III. Insulation Level, Insulation Testing and External Insulation Air Gap for Power Transformers”
  -  GB4208-1993, “Cover Protection Grade (IP Code)”
  -  JB/T10088-2004, “6kV-500kV Sound Level for Power Transformers”
Product Characteristics

1 Strong Overload Capacity
  A H grade air-insulating, open ventilated, dry-type transformer (OVDT) has an outstanding advantage,i.e., a high overload capacity---With a thin insulating layer and fine ventilation or fine heat radiation, certain C grade material (220℃Nomex   paper) is used as the main insulation material (manufactured article) for a transformer. With the aid of an insulating layer's temperature rise tolerance from C grade material (220℃to H grade material (180℃), a transformer may has a rather fine overload capacity and usually a long-term continuous operation under 120% overload is permitted; and such long-term continuous operation may be kept in a IP 23 outer cover even without fan cooling;
2  Higher Insulation and Heat Tolerance Levels
  It adopts a H grade (180℃) insulation system, i.e., the auxiliary insulation material's thermal resistant temperature is as high as 180?C, with the leading insulation material (such lead insulation) has attained C grade (220℃, which could validly prevent from thermal puncture in insulation material, so the product line has a fine anti-thermal impact performance;
3  Powerful Anti-Short-Circuit Capabilty
  As Nomex   paper used has a rather high mechanical strength and heat endurance, the anti-short-circuit capability is strong;
4  Low Local Discharges
  The adoption of both mature vacuum impregnation process and quality insulation material results in a total local discharge of a transformer of less than 5PC and the transformer could run reliably for a long run under a normal operating voltage;
5  Convenient to Manufacture and Simple to Care
  The product manufacture does not need any casing equipment or mould, so the product design will not be restricted by the mould sizing and it is very flexible to deal with. The product line's windings are convenient to repair or change and easy to operate, light in weight and convenient to install;
6  Highly Safe and Reliable
  Nomex? paper has outstanding moisture resistance, combustion retardance, and thermo-chemical stability, all of which enable this transformer series to find extensive use in densely populated areas, in poor-ventilated high-rise buildings or basements; the product line is not likely to age;
7  Advantageous Environmental Performances and Insensitivity to Environments for Product Use
  This product line is in compliance with ISO4001 and appropriate environmental protection standards and other regulatory requirements (if applicable) and is convenient to recover; with the aid of a Nomex    insulation system that has a fine moisture-proof performance, and through vacuum impregnation in H grade insulating varnish, this product line possesses a(hree-prevention)pability (moisture-proof, salt fog-free, and mold resistant) and thus is insensitive to dusts or dirtiness.