SCBH15 Amorphous Alloy Dry-Type Power Transformer

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  We has successfully developed and manufactured amorphous alloy dry-type transformers by availing our mature design techniques and our many years of experiences in oil-immersed amorphous alloy transformers manufacturing.
  Amorphous alloy dry-type transformers, oil free and without any combustion danger, are installed indoors or even fixed deep into the load center and thereby have an obvious energy saving effect, being suitable for the municipal development needs in a modernized city of a high load density. As the most advanced energy-saving dry-type transformer, an amorphous alloy dry-type transformer may largely lower the no-load loss.
  On the low-voltage side of this product line are foil type coils fabricated by winding copper foils; and on the high-voltage side of this product line are high-voltage coils fabricated by winding F grade highly strong enameled wires. The introduction of a glass fiber-intensified epoxy resin packaging structure makes it possess excellent moisture- and rupture-resistance. The cores are prepared by winding amorphous alloy strips and each of it has a rectangular cross section and a four-frame and five-pole structure, with the no-load loss reduced by 3/4 that of a common dry-type transformer.
Environmental Conditions for Product Use
  -  Ambient Temperature
  Maximum Atmospheric Temperature +40℃; Average Temperature in Normal Hottest Month+30℃
  Minimum Atmospheric Temperature -25℃; Average Temperature in Normal Hottest Month+20℃
  -  Sea Level Elevation: ≯1000m
  -  Power Supply Voltage Wave Form Similar to Sine Wave
  -  3-Phase Power Supply Voltage: Roughly Symmetric as it is
  -  Installation Environment: Free from Visible Dirts
  -  For Indoor Use
Product Use
  This product line is advantageous, such as low in no-load loss, oil free, combustion retardant, self-extinguishing, moisture proof, rupture resistant, maintenance free, etc. Amouphous dry-type transformers may substitute common dry-type transformers in all circumstances and find use in high-rise buildings, business centers, subways, airports, train or bus stations, industrial or mineral enterprises, and power plants, being especially suitable for installation and application in circumstances where higher fire proof requirements (combustible and/or explosive) are indispensably necessary.
Energy Saving Effects
  -  The no-load loss of an amorphous dry-type transformer is reduced to 1/4 the value stated under the currently valid national standard GB/T10228-1997.
  Taking 630KVA for an instance, the no-load loss has reduced by 1220W.
  Assumptions: Reactive Economic Equivalent K1=0.1KW/KVar, Yearly Operation Duration t=8760h, Power Rate A=0.6/KWh, if a SCBH amorphous dry-type transformer is
  used to substitute a SC8 dry-type transformer, then a reduction in operation loss P: P=[1.62+0.1×1.6×630×10-2]-[0.4+0.1×0.2×630×10-2]=2.1KW
  The economic and social benefits after one year's running are presented below:
  Electric Power-Saving : 18396°
  Less Carbon Dioxide Emission : 23.9 T
  Electricity Charge-Saving : 11037 RMB
  Less Sulfur Dioxide Emission : 420 KG
  Coal Saving : 9.2 T
  Less Nitrogen Dioxide Emission : 230 KG