Oil Immersed Transforme

TS Series 12/0.4 All-Insulated Desk-Type Substation

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  Substation products constitute an indispensable part of an electricity system and mostly functions in electric power distribution, voltage regulation, grid safeguarding, and power supply quality improvement on an electric grid, etc. Besides, a substation pertains to one of energy-consuming facilities on an electric grid and their composition does decide their safety in power consumption and their reliability in operation. Furthermore, here energy consumption is a priority among priorities. With respect to inconveniences in the routine maintenance & care of testing kits in an overhead transformer, and for eliminating injuries and fatal accidents due to electric shocks associated with high-voltage and low-voltage cables exposed to the outside, our corporation has successfully independently developed a low-loss, all-insulated desk-type substation, which is modularized, integrated and combined one that can facilitate construction, installation, and maintenance & care.
  - Each and all parts of a all-insulated desk-type substation have adopted modularized installation and each unit may be replaced as an separate one;
  - High- and low-voltage leading lines are laid in a bus duct, which, without any cables exposed to the outside, cut a very neat figure, simple and rapid in installation and beautiful and fine in appearance;
  - Each all-insulated transformer makes avail of a S11 or above oil-immersed transformer, with a insulated cable connector furnished on the incoming cable of the high-voltage side. Without any naked charged body, it is safe and reliable. On the low-voltage side, low-voltage bushings are packaged together with composite transducers in electrical installation. An access door for installation conveniences is provided respectively on the high-voltage side and on the low-voltage side, which may facilitate construction workers' installation and maintenance care;
  - A low-voltage load controlling cabinet and a low-voltage outgoing cable compensation box are both installed below the desk for the convenience of observation and maintenance;
  - After eliminating the configuration of a traditional desk-type substation, each all-insulated desk-type transformer has introduced a cable side incoming configuration, to be particular: an all-insulated cable connector is provided on the high-voltage side and side outgoing cables are packaged on the low-voltage side, thus no naked charged body exist;
  - The desk adopted in an all-insulated substation is made of a kind of new metal, which is corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly, and beautiful in appearance;
  - On the low-voltage side, low-voltage bushings are packaged together with composite current transducers for installation and maintenance conveniences. Each all-insulated desk-type substation may be integrally changed and till now no other manufacturer is able to put out such a unique substation;
  - The oil temperature gauge, oil level gauge, pressure relief valve, and other gauges are installed on the high-voltage side within a protective enclosure. The same with the tapping switches for operational convenience and operational safety.
Environmental Conditions for Product Use

  -  Sea Level Elevation: 1000m; for any user on an elevation of above 1000 meters, please mention it in your order; in fact, this product
  may satisfy any user on an elevation of below 4000 meters;
  -  Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+40℃
  -  Air Relative Humidity: ≤90%
  -  Device Type: Outdoor Type

Significant Implementation Standards

  -  GB1094.1-2~1996 《Power Transformers》
  -  GB1094.3.5~2003 《Power Transformers》
  -  GB/T6451-2008 《Technical Parameter List and Technical Requirements for 3-Phase, Oil-Immersed, Power Transformers》
  -  GB/T17467-1998 《High-Voltage/Low-Voltage Prefabricated Substation》

  The fully insulated bench substations manufactured by us are scientific, rational and original in design, with compact size, with its monitoring display instrument mounted aside for ease of maintenance and operation, featured by its low energy consumption, easy installation, cost-saving and practicability, stability and reliability, therefore having a huge potential for development.