Oil Immersed Transforme

10KV oil immersed power transformer

10KV oil immersed power transformer10KV oil immersed power transformer
Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  This product line is maintenance free and just requires a small piece of holding land; the cable incoming and outgoing configuration may be: i) cables going out from the enclosure's top cover; ii) high/low-voltage cables coming in and going out of the enclosure's side walls (for the convenience of cable running in corresponding chutes during electric grid construction); or iii) high-voltage (or low-voltage) cables going out from the enclosure's top cover.
  The transformer body is reliably positioned for ensuring that no dislocation occurs with the transformer and no deformation occurs with the windings during long-distance transportation or during long-term operation. Without the need of core suspension and being maintenance free, this product line may be used just via direct grid connection. Now below listed configurations are optional in our supply but each of them may satisfy production requirements a configuration totally sealed by welding together the enclosure's top cover and the edge of the
  - Safe, Combustion Resistant/Fire Retardant, Without Pollution, Capable of Direct Installation on Load Center;
  - Maintenance Free, Convenient to Install, Low in Composite Operation Cost;
  - Excellent in Humidity Resistance, Capable of Running Normally under 100% Humidity, Capable of Being Put into Operation after Idleness without
  Pre-drying Treatment;
  - Low Loss, Low Local Discharges, Low Noise, Strong Heat Radiation, Capable of Running under 150% Nominal Load with the aid of Forced Air Cooling.